Book bloggers — They’re AMAZING!

Book bloggers – what an awesome resource they are, to both readers and writers. While they generally do it for their own enjoyment, to keep a record of their reading history and to connect with other readers, I really respect and appreciate the service that they are providing.

As a reader (and I’ve been enjoying reading books for far longer than I’ve been writing), they offer great feedback and reviews on the ever-increasing choice of literature on offer. If you’re lucky enough to find a few bloggers with similar taste to your own, their recommendations are so useful in vetting books (particularly the longer ones) before investing hours of your life.

More recently, I’m seeing their platinum-like value from the p.o.v. of an author.

From this perspective, they are helping spread the work about the work of authors, offering very valuable reviews and ratings, for almost no personal gain (all they get in exchange is a copy of the book) For those bloggers that accept eBooks as review copies, they are offering me a completely free service. Even for those that prefer paperbacks, it is a very small price to pay for such great feedback.

In addition to their book reviews, many of these bloggers offer interesting (and occasionally random) features that make great reading.


My book was released a week ago today.

Book and Kindle.jpg


Here are a few of the blogs that I’m appreciative to:

The Reader’s Hollow

Zebinoco Booklove

The Blonde Bookworm



Find Cruel Reality on



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